David Stuart

Web Analyst and Consultant

Social Media Metrics – Topsy

I regular write for Research Information, an online and print publication about online content and information management. Whilst online publishing can give you access to a host of statistics not readily available in the traditional printed copy, publishing on someoneĀ  else’s site means that you have to look for some of the traces left on [...]

Time to ban Christmas?

At last it is February, and I am thrilled to see the back of both December and January. From the 1st of December it is virtually impossible to get any work done as everything revolves around Christmas: the parties, the break, the present buying. If you were visiting Britain from a country that didn’t celebrate [...]

Twitter Network Analysis: Tweetminster

In my previous post I looked at measuring Twitter impact by comparing actual number of followers with expected number of followers based on ‘following’ and ‘updates’. Whilst that provides a simple means of analysis, Twitter is a social network site and (where possible) should be view at the network level. This post uses social network [...]

How many Twitter followers should you have?

One of the problems with social media is measuring its impact. Whilst with Twitter it is tempting to use the number of followers as an indication of impact, followers are heavily dependent on the number of streams a Twitterer is following, and the number of updates a person has posted. A multiple regression analysis based [...]

Why a Blog?

This blog is for letting people know some of the things I am working on, although it is extremely infrequent. As my writing has expanded from blog posts to professional journal articles, and finally to books, the number of blog posts I write on my various blogs has inevitably tapered off.

Why blog? For me it turned out to be the first step on the road to a book deal!

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