David Stuart

Web Analyst and Consultant

Web Metrics for the Library and Information Professional

Publishing my first book, “Facilitating access to the web of data: a guide for librarians“, was my professional highlight of 2011. However as a webometrician the publication was only the start of the story, it was quickly followed by an obsession with all the various numbers surrounding the book: What is its sales rank on [...]

A Dubious Honour: As many ‘professional’ articles as ‘academic’ articles

Whilst I wasn’t a scholarly undergraduate, there is one particular acetate that sticks in my memory – or rather, one particular acetate for which I had vague recollections that I filled out by emailing the relevant (now retired) professor.  It concerned the classifying of academics according to the quality and quantity of their outputs. If [...]

Why a Blog?

This blog is for letting people know some of the things I am working on, although it is extremely infrequent. As my writing has expanded from blog posts to professional journal articles, and finally to books, the number of blog posts I write on my various blogs has inevitably tapered off.

Why blog? For me it turned out to be the first step on the road to a book deal!

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