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The Web of Data – My book is (almost) finished

Posted on | April 19, 2011 | No Comments

Whenever people stop blogging for a couple of months, people take it as a sign of the death of blogging, or at least blogging in its traditional format. Unfortunately too often life does get in the way of blogging, but I like to think that my excuse is better that most. As I mentioned many months ago, I have been writing a book, and when you are painfully dragging each and every word from the  addled recesses of your mind the last thing you want to do is knock out 300 words on why the masses insist on retweeting the ignorance of celebrities. At last, however the book is finished, or rather almost finished as I wait for the final version back from the publisher. It is however, already available for pre-ordering on Amazon: Facilitating Access to the Web of Data: A Guide for Librarians.

There are a number of questions people have when you’ve written a book: what’s it about? who’s it for? and most importantly, why the hell did you choose to spell your name without capital letters?

What’s it about? The book is about the masses of data that has been published online, and the fact that, if it is to be useful, most people need help getting access to it.

Who’s it for? The book is aimed at librarians, as I believe they are ideally placed to help people access this data.

Why didn’t I use capitals? I never saw the cover before it was approved, and I ask any readers of the book to take a big black marker pen and put capitals on the front cover [yes...even if it's a library book].

Most importantly, as I’ve finished my book, I can at last start writing those blog posts you all look forward to so much.

[nb. The cheapest place I've seen the book is at the Book Depository at £33.71, if you see it cheaper anywhere else let me know]


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