David Stuart

Web Analyst and Consultant

Fair Use and Screenshots

Somewhere during the process of agreeing to write a book, I seemingly inadvertently agreed to get all the copyright permissions for the images used in the book. As the images that were not available under an appropriate Creative Commons license were merely screenshots, I thought I would be excused the arduous chore under the banner [...]

The Web of Data – My book is (almost) finished

Whenever people stop blogging for a couple of months, people take it as a sign of the death of blogging, or at least blogging in its traditional format. Unfortunately too often life does get in the way of blogging, but I like to think that my excuse is better that most. As I mentioned many [...]

Why a Blog?

This blog is for letting people know some of the things I am working on, although it is extremely infrequent. As my writing has expanded from blog posts to professional journal articles, and finally to books, the number of blog posts I write on my various blogs has inevitably tapered off.

Why blog? For me it turned out to be the first step on the road to a book deal!

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