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Does your organisation really need a Facebook page?

Posted on | November 18, 2009 | 3 Comments

I received a phone-call the other week from a local business that wanted help creating a more effective online web presence. Their notion of making the web work more effectively was incorporating a host of social media technologies, and creating a presence on some of the most popular social media sites.   “We don’t even have a blog!” the caller stated, by way of emphasising the organisation’s online dire  straits.  Unfortunately they weren’t asking “Do we need a blog/a facebook page/a Twitter stream?

There are two possible positions for the web ‘expert’ to take:

1) Snake-oil salesman – offering the potential of untold wealth if only the expert were allowed to set the client up with a Twitter account.

2) Consultant – offering to provide a realistic analysis of how the business could incorporate social media technologies as part of the working practices, and the steps they could take to measure the effectiveness of the particular social media strategy.

Unfortunately the offerings of the snake-oil salesman are far easier to sell, and this particular client didn’t get back to me. Whilst businesses increasingly recognise the potential of social media, they often just want to use a particular technology or site because it’s popular in the press. The rise of the social media snake-oil salesman is merely a case of supply meeting demand.


3 Responses to “Does your organisation really need a Facebook page?”

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  3. Brian Cugelman
    November 11th, 2010 @ 6:32 am

    The other day, after seeing a presentation by Richard at Dell, I was commenting to someone that it was refreshing to hear a down to earth presentation by an honest person talking about social media in a balenced way. The hype around social media has created an amazing market full of questionable claims. Social media has many benifits, but also many costs, and in the current social media craze, there is a place for people who will promise anything.

    At one conference I attended, a rep from a big social media monitoring company said that we needed to believe in the power of social media. I though the questional claims were enough, but I was shocked to be exposed to social media dogma. Your approach sounded reasonable.

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