David Stuart

Web Analyst and Consultant

Outsourcing your ‘Link Building Services’?

If you’re lucky you will have a couple of weeks spam-free when you first set up an email address. Today I received my first piece of spam in my new email account: ‘Link building services’ are a particular pet-hate of mine. Whilst I accept the need to market web sites, trying to buy your way [...]

Enterprise 2.0: A simplistic diagram

Despite it only being Monday morning, my first full week as an independent web analyst and consultant is already looking positive. So far this morning I have confirmed a consultancy contract that will see me become a multi-millionaire (unfortunately in South Korean won rather than British pounds), and sent off an article I was asked [...]

extending Professional Active Life – Another perspective on engagement

Much of my work last week focused on the topic of social media non-adopters. After an enjoyable Black Country Social Media Cafe on Tuesday discussing social media non-adopters with the social media crowd, I spent the Thursday in London at an ePAL consensus building event discussing how to leverage retired professionals’ skills and expertise with [...]

Why a Blog?

This blog is for letting people know some of the things I am working on, although it is extremely infrequent. As my writing has expanded from blog posts to professional journal articles, and finally to books, the number of blog posts I write on my various blogs has inevitably tapered off.

Why blog? For me it turned out to be the first step on the road to a book deal!

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