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How much do Digital Marketing Companies really know about the web?

Posted on | June 18, 2009 | No Comments

I have just been compiling a web analysis report for a digital marketing company about the web presence of four different digital marketing companies. At the end of which I find myself wondering: How much do digital marketing companies really know about the web?

The company web sites were, on the whole, very professional looking sites. However, whilst a lot of money had obviously been spent by the organisations creating something very flash and glitzy, beyond the glamour they were fundamentally first generation web sites. Although they may have looked modern, they were failing to make use of the latest web technologies to engage with their customers and potential customers.

The failure to engage is shown in the network diagram below:


The four organisations, which had eight web sites between them (the yellow nodes on the diagram), only manged to attract links from a paltry 77 other organisations in total.  That they only manage to play a peripheral role within this small network, despite the fact that it is based on their connections,  also emphasises their inability to engage successfully on the web.

I don’t doubt that many of these organisations know a lot about marketing, but in the ever-changing and increasingly important world of online marketing, they are failing to demonstrate that their skills are transferable.


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